The ART of LISTENING is the Heart of VOILA Method.  Its SOUL Powerful


VOILA Method:  SOUL-utions, for the Mind & Body & Soul


  • KEEP it Simple and Easy to use Method for Anyone and Everyone to help themselves out of pain.

  • Assess, Correct and Align the Body/Mind which creates Balance, Strength and Stability to Achieve optimal strength & performance 

  • Restore Breathing Organically

  • "Help clients Be better versus a treatment to feel better."


Visit Joel at: 
VOILA Method  

Injury, Pain, Prevention and Performance Clinic 

Los Angeles, California  

Your Soul is calling:  310-430-5145

Online Sessions Also Available
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Thank You for your Interest in VOILA Method.  I invite you to look around with an Open Mind & Heart on this Journey we call VOILA.  VOILA Method is SOUL Powerful in enhancing Lives; of Yourself and those around you.

VOILA Method is a Complete system:  Including a Dynamic & Fluid Assessment to find the root cause that is disturbing the Harmony of the Mind/Body healing.  VOILA Also provides a treatment to restore the Harmony and Balance - whether it be Physical, Emotional or beyond.

VOILA Method is Simple, Efficient & Effective!

The ART of LISTENING is the Heart of VOILA Method which makes it Soul Powerful.  Come to a seminar and learn the VOILA Method SOUL-utions for your client and for your Self or Loved ones

VOILA Method - Its Just Something you have to Experience



Q: How long is the seminar and how many people?

A: VOILA Method seminars are 2 days (Unless otherwise Noted on Flyer). Typically from 9a.m.- 5pm each day with check in starting at

8:30 the first day. The class is small enough to have individul attention. 


Q: What do you need in preparation for the Seminar? 

A: Open Mind & Heart with the goal of helping yourself and your clients.  Other than that a pen and comfortable clothing.  Workbook

is provided.

Yes, VOILA Method teaches the practitioner how to take care of themselves as well as their clients!


Q: How do we actually do in 1st day and 2nd day?

A: Day 1.  After a morning of learning the foundations and safety of VOILA Method via power point and demonstrations. 

The attendees will learn the Principles of VOILA Method Assessment and Treatment in all positions: Standing, seated and laying down.


The afternoon will be full of practicing the VOILA Assessment in these positions and learn the importance of SYNCing the Diaphragms

to align the body for Strength and stability without body compensation. Breathing is a FULL Body movement.


Day 2.  After a very Brief power point presentation the Rest of the day is ALL about application.  Learning Hands On how to use the

VOILA Method assessment & corrections fluidly & dynamically in a session and learn the Structural Joint Balancing improvements for the Core

Keystones of the Body for Eyes, Jaw, Neck, Shoulder, Back, Hip and Foot.


Q: What's requirement for taking these seminar?

A: You Must Take the Foundation Level 1 seminar Prior to taking 1.5 seminar. Certification after 1.5 seminar is required prior to taking

Level 2.0.


Joel Crandall - Creator & Developer of VOILA method 

Julietta Wenzel - Physical Therapist

For Physical Therapist

Physical therapist, VOILA method works beautifully in all patient populations, neuro and ortho, pediatric and adult, to achieve faster outcomes. It will blend seamlessly with other modalities you use.....what happens next will amaze you"


For Chiropractors

VOILA gives you a sytematic Assessment to locate the Primary restriction, Not a compensating restriction and to adjust in the manner the Body prefers.  The Result is a Happy Client


For Physical/Athletic Trainers

VOILA Assessment can be Done anywhere at any moment.  This gives you the advantage to know When your client is off balance and compensating during the movement and what corrections are required for instant improvement.  The result is increased Strength, Flexibiltiy & Power


For Bodyworkers/massage Therapists

What for you is so different about VOILA Method that it has totally changed you?

He said "you are not even the same person you used to be and it's so freaking awesome to see the growth".


The answer was a hard one to put into words but at the end of the day there has been nothing else I've ever taken that:

1.  has taught me how to work on myself,                             3. made me more aware of my interactions with people, 
2.  Increased my confidence                                                     4. opened my universe to a whole new world, 


North Hollywood, California

In Person

February 4 & 5th, 2023

Day 1: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Day 2: 09:00am - 05:00pm

Level 2.0

Joel Crandall

6353 Vicland Pl


USD $750


North Hollywood, California


December 10 & 11th, 2022

Day 1: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Day 2: 09:00am - 05:00pm

Level 1.5

Joel Crandall

6353 Vicland Pl








Fort Lauderdale Florida

IN-PERSON or Online


Day 1: 9-5pm

Day 2: 9-5pm

Level 3.0

Taught By Julietta Wenzel




Appleton, Wisconsin

In - Person

October 1 & 2nd, 2022

Day 1: Oct 1st 9-5pm

Day 2: Oct 2nd 9-5pm

Level 1.0

Joel Crandall

TBD, Wisconsin


USD $600


In Person & ONLINE

10 MINUTES - $40

Client Assessment/Guidance

30 MINUTES - $175

Client Assessment & Discussion of your Client or ZOOM Session

60 MINUTES - $250

Client Assessment & Discussion of your Client or ZOOM Session


Mentoring Includes: Assessment and consultation of clients included along with 1-2 Thirty minute Webinar tutorials per month and/or Discussions of in depth use of VOILA with your clients

1 MONTH - $350

3 MONTH - $975

6 MONTH - $1850


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VOILA Method


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