Improve INPUT

#‎VOILA‬ Method focuses on Improving the INPUT to get better information to the Muscular & Nervous systemS

How can i say that Muscles are Receptors are Low on the Totem Pole for healing?**

My question to you is **why would you focus on already Bad info to start a treatment in the first place?

Dr Andreo Spina shared this:

"What do we know? - there is a constant stream of afferent info - mechanoreceptors provide the kinesthetic info - mechanoreceptors are found in tissues

**- unhealthy, abnormal tissues = unhealthy mechanoreceptors = bad afferent info - bad afferent info = bad motor planning =bad motor execution** - constant bad motor execution = long term potentiation (neural learning)

🔻Focus on correcting the input to provide this brilliant system with good information = better ability to adapt to variables, better info to plan with, etc.

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