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Movement Through Structure

Joel Crandall - Kinesiologist & Exercise Physiologist.


"Movement Masters," Bodyworkers & Trainers, Yoga & Pilates Instructors, etc…

WHAT IF we have been teaching people to Move Incorrectly all these Years??

Would you be Upset? Would you be willing to Learn WHY? Ever Wonder WHY your Client has Shoulder/Neck Pain after a work out? OR Hip & Low Back Pain?

For so long we been teaching people to use their muscles to move. We teach them to use the BIG muscles of the Shoulders, Hips (Glutes) to Move. We even CUE them to move this way!

We should be moving “Through our Structure” as it was designed!!

Bruce Lee understood this concept in his One Inch punch:

How Does The One Inch Punch Generate So Much Power?

It's all to do with the body's mechanical structure working efficiently.

The outline the basics of how to do a one inch punch:

1 The initiation starts with the rear heal turning inwards.

2 This projects the lead hip forward (ensure the hip and knee points directly at the target - over rotation will lead to your energy steering away from the target.)

3 As the hip turns the arm expands and snaps into the target.

It's not a push - this is a common beginners mistake (Yet THIS What “Movement Masters” have been teaching in Movement!!) - it is a bursting 'snap' movement through the structure (from the ANKLE).

Structure Dictates Function!

All Movement is MultiPlanar.

In movement, in order to go forward you must go backward. Its Newtons Law. Newton’s Third Law motion states: “To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction…” We live in 3D. We Move in 3D. Yet movement is talked about as an XY axis and Not XYZ Axis. WHY?

“Wonder why your Psoas gets burned out?”

Focus in Walking has been to lift the knee. The Design of the Body is NOT to lift your knee high while walking. Its NOT efficient! Thus, we make the body work hard than it should or has to by your Cueing of movement. Walking Is about propelling ourselves forward by pushing the opposite foot backwards, NOT lifting the front leg upwards and forward. The foot pushes off and then “flicked” forward with very little hip flexion.

Look at Sprinters Starting Blocks!

Are the Blocks designed to lift the leg forward OR are they placed behind the sprinter to push off from to go forward?


Over the years I have taken a few Yoga classes and Done a few Push Ups. The Cueing I would receive is to keep all your knuckles and full palm down on the floor. My Index finger would always lift off the floor and invariably a Yoga instructor would come by and gently step on my hand to keep the entire palm pressed into the floor.

Well Pressing the entire Palm into the floor locks the wrist. which in turn is going to put pressure through the shoulder to make the necessary adjustments that may be required.

When (IF) you Bench press with a barbell you do not place the weight of the bar toward fingers or in the middle of palm. You place it as close to the wrist (The proximal end of palm). Ig you have shoulder issues with Barbell, you may use a DumbBell. Why? because the wrist and shoulder are not locked into position like it is with the barbell.

Why do you think the “Perfect Pushup” was invented? So the Shoulder could be mobile and make required adaptations through the push up movement.

The weight during most movements on the hands should always be near the wrist at initial contact. This allows the the wrist, hand and shoulder to all be stable and mobile to adapt to any stressor through the joints of the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder.

I will save Rolling Patterns for a New Blog But as you can guess I may have a different perspective on ROLLING PATTERNS. Stayed Tuned to: and

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