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Structure Dictates Muscle Function

You may have heard that Structure dictates Function and, it seems, like to argue these basic biologic points in their Newtonian Brain.

Structure Dictates Function is not NEW. Its cellular Biology 101.

“If structure does not tell us anything about function, it only means we have not looked at it correctly.” Albert Szent-Györgyi

It is ALL around you. Its everything you see (and don't see) The atoms which make up the molecules which make up the wood/aluminium/etc.....which make up the chair you are sitting in. etc. (I think you get the point)

How does that translate to the body?? "Bones Dominate, Muscles accommodate" They are both made up of the same materials just one is more dense than the other due to more calcium (if u will)

Muscle are just doing their job. The worker bees (again, if u will) They are like the ropes/cables in a Pulley System. The position and number of the pulleys will determine how much stress or power it will take to move an object.

Why are some muscles or movements stronger than others?? Is the Muscle actually Stronger??? Its relative isn't it? Its actually the Pulley system which makes this determination. If a muscle crosses one joint Vs a muscle crossing multiple joints.

The muscle crossing multiple joint will have a mechanical advantage - thus be "Stronger" or is it? Or has the mechanical advantage just allow for less power to be used to appear stronger?

STRUCTURE DICTATES MUSCLE FUNCTION as it determines the angle of Pull of the Muscle

Structure Dictates Function is from Cellular Biology 101. Its the Basis of EVERYTHING It's A SIMPLE concept.

Its Not Ostracizing any other modality, its actually Inclusive. IF you know anything about The Living Matrix - it is what makes up the Structure of EVERYTHING

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