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Muscle Movement Patterns: We are NOT Machines

NO Muscle Patterns seems to confuse many Bodyworkers as they been taught to look for ”Muscle Patterns.”

You have seen people argue GAIT and some say there is No 'perfect' GAIT.

I ask: Is each step you take while you walk exactly the same? Is each step the same length? Same pace? Why? Better yet, Why Not??

Remember, we have Fast twitch & Slow twitch muscles moving at different paces to coordinate the same tasks at specific given time. If same Neural pathway is giving for the fast Twitch as well as the Slow twitch muscles to complete the task.

Does the math add up??

There are many factors at play. We are adaptable to overcome obstacles and “deficiencies.” If there are "muscle patterns" than the same will work for everyone... it's a "fixed" system. However, if there are no "fixed" patterns, you're free to make corrections without preconceptions of a pattern.

Maybe more importantly we have Free Will. Free Will, by definition, is the ability to choose between different possible courses of action.” Free Will allows you to adapt to the surrounding environment whether it be “internal” or “external”

“It is not always easy to distinguish between “internal” and “external” operators. The brain, the body, and the environment form a highly coupled dynamical system. They are mutually embedded rather than internally and externally located with respect to one another. This embeddedness must have a profound influence on all aspects of brain activity (Chiel and Beer, 1997).”

There are about a 100 Billion Neurons in your body. Do U really Think the same path is going to be taken for the same activity each and every time?? "Time is a space to be filled.” Gaps between the Neural Synapses- there are "wiring" gaps.

"The term “wiring” is used synonymously with axonal connections but with the important qualification that the fine connectivity in the brain is flexible and perpetually changing. As a result, no two brains have identical connectivity, in contrast to the rigid, blueprint-determined wiring of machines.” - Gyorgy Buszaki

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