The Movement Does NOT exist

""The movement" does not exist. EVERY time your body executes a movement it develops a completely new plan with which to accomplish it. There are no patterns...and if you utilize your time trying to find them, you are chasing ghosts." Dr Andreo Spina

YES YES YES!! Thank You Dr Andreo Spina

"your nervous system will execute the movement via a different pattern/path each and every time (NO PATTERNS)...this is PROVEN. See the work of Latash, Bernstein, and many many others..." Dr Andreo Spina

I say: If U just look at an NeuroSynapse firing how can u even try to justify it will take the SAME path each time for any given movement??There are many Junctions! We as humans ADAPT. We are not wired like Robots with a single wire going to a specific circuit (movement)

This is what I have been saying for years and seemed to be Faliing on DEAF ears!

‪#‎VOILAMethod‬ There are No PATTERNS!!! I demonstrate this at Each Seminar and Jaws drop to the Floor! As it goes against everything they been taught or thought to believe!!!

This is Why Muscle testing for Muscle Patterns on your clients has you Chasing your Tail!!!

Does Lightning Strike the same way twice? (maybe but its not very Often!!) Same is with your 100 Trillion NeuroNets

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