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There are NO Muscle Patterns

There are NO Muscle Patterns!!

I demo this in the VOILA Method Seminars but here is a Great article (No Author to credit)

but they understand and Get it!!

"The human movement system is a very complicated one. In any movement that a human performs, almost never are the same muscles or patterns of movement replicated. Changes in velocity, positioning, loads, etc. can basically transform a specific movement and its stressors into a whole different creation.

Squatting is a fundamental yet rather complex movement, especially if we consider all of the joints that are involved, its ability to activate almost every muscle group, and all of the variations that are available. Properly executed squats are a cornerstone of any successful training program and one of the most beneficial exercises we can implement. However, the same cannot be said for all of its variations".

"your nervous system will execute the movement via a different pattern/path each and every time (NO PATTERNS)...this is PROVEN. See the work of Latash, Bernstein, and many many others..." Dr Andreo Spina I say: If U just look at an NeuroSynapse firing how can u even try to justify it will take the SAME path each time for any given movement?? There are many Junctions! We as humans ADAPT. We are not wired like Robots with a single wire going to a specific circuit (movement)

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